2011 Launch Reception Announced

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ARC 2 Intertainment www.arc2intertainment.com is proud to announce the launch reception for its two KVOS broadcasted television series’, FMA Entertainment Weekly and Real Estate 101, to be held April 29th, 2011. Invited guests include our venerable Vancouver Mayor Robertson, Surrey Mayor Watts, as well as Real Estate 101 segment guests including James Cheng, David Podmore, Gregory Henriquez, and Gregory Borowski.

Celebrating the success of the launch of Real Estate 101, and the second season of FMA Entertainment Weekly, the event is poised to generate incredible buzz. Exclusive guests will be treated to a sensory indulgence that will include a chocolate lounge, live music and a fashion show, and the premiere of each series.

The event will also have a non-profit element: a silent auction will take place in support of FMA Entertainment Weekly’s charitable division, FMAid. All proceeds will benefit Japan’s tsunami and earthquake relief efforts.

About Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101 TV series focuses on providing industry advice to help home buyers and sellers gain an advantage in today’s competitive real estate market. One-part reality television, one-part lifestyle talk show, one-part investigative biography, RE 101tv will change the way people think about real estate.

Hosted by experienced broadcaster; Vancouver REALTOR®, Maggie Cox and Crystal Carson. RE 101tv will host in-studio interviews with a variety of experts and specialists, as well as produce profile pieces on big-name real estate and development moguls and trailblazers.

Each episode features a “Real People, Real Problems” reality-based segment, which pairs real-life home buyers and sellers with an experienced REALTOR® to help showcase the real stories and real solutions behind common real estate problems.

RE 101tv’s unique blend of reality television, lifestyle talk show and investigative biography will blow the lid off real estate myths and help home buyers and sellers navigate through an increasingly complex array of real estate decisions. All this, while featuring some of the hottest trends in real estate.
RE 101tv is available on the KVOS television network with Comcast and DISH on Sundays 7:00 PM.

About FMA Entertainment Weekly

FMA Entertainment Weekly is a half-hour, weekly entertainment newsmagazine show. The high tech digitally animated opening of the show exhibits that we are keeping up with the fast pace of this huge entertainment industry and the shooting locations gives us a down-to-earth and raw edginess that is inviting.

FMA Entertainment Weekly is the most fresh and unique entertainment news and lifestyle show around that focuses on bringing it to the urban community nationwide in an unprecedented and artistic fashion.

After an overwhelming and successful 2010 season with KVOS TV network, FMA Entertainment Weekly will continue to take on the most talked about stories in the entertainment and art industry this season. The shows round up consists of current stories of fashion, music, art and west coast life style trends.

FMA Entertainment Weekly is a division of Arc 2 Intertainment.

About FMAid

FMAid was established in 2011 by executive producer Andy Chu and co-chair Alicia Love, to meet charitable needs around the world.  Inspired by the love of humanity and our planet, FMAid lends its support to organizations delivering awareness, funds, relief and support to help ease global suffering.  A passion project, FMAid aims to fundraise by producing fashion, music and art events on behalf of various charities locally, and internationally.

About Arc 2 Intertainment

Arc 2 Intertainment is an advanced production company in the field of entertainment arts. We create, develop and produce multimedia projects that are technically innovative and visually inspiring. Arc 2’s distinct divisions encompass a wide range of capabilities; from simple website development to full blown motion picture production. By eliminating the costs of outsourcing, we increase the overall control of every project, making it streamlined and cost efficient. We have successfully authored a wide range of entertainment-based projects and continue to re-invent ourselves in the pursuit of excellence. Divisions include:

Arc 2 Creative Media
fully loaded technical outpost for all e-commerce projects

Arc 2 Broadcast Portals
promoting exceptional sound and visual programming

Arc 2 Production
inventive creation and execution of live events for music, fashion and art

Arc 2 Film
full scope film-making with uncompromising vision