FMA Weekly 2012 New Season

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Saturday 21, 2012 – Vancouver Sun


FMA Entertainment principal Andy Chu says his FMA Entertainment Weekly television series will change for its fourth, 13-episode season this fall. And not just dropping “Entertainment” from its title and moving from KVOS to CHEK and SHAW cable. The show will still cover FMA’s fashion, music and art core content, Chu said, but focus more on the behind – the- camera doings of its celebrity interviewers.
One of the latter, Terrace-born Meena Mann, winged to London Thursday for a four-week assignment with Toronto-based Felice News, whose youthful, reporters cover non-controversial matters. Overlooking London Bridge, she’ll wear a Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe and interview the likes of singer Adele, David Beckham, Richard Branson, boy band One Direction’s members, and Olympics athletes, officials and suchlikes. Before leaving, she reportedly fielded a feeler from the jiggy.TV web network. As for non-Jiggy. The Felice gig has interrupted Mann’s continuing honeymo0n with Westbank development firm construction manager Bantoo Minhas.