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[ by dani kremeniuk and crystal carson ] Photo by: Ryan West

Media rock star Andy Chu is everywhere— and wherever that may be, chances are he was the first to know about it! Every time we see him, the president and CEO of Arc2 Intertainment has a new, innovative project coming down the pike and this time is no different.

Chu has an uncanny ability to look at trends and popular culture, spot the missing link and then—with concise vision—bridge the gap and raise the bar. In 2012, following the success of FMA Entertainment Weekly and Real Estate 101, he’ll be pointing his lens with its edgy/cool perspective at some more hot topics on the West Coast. Real Estate Pacific TV “provides investment, location and real estate information and advice to Asian buyers and sellers, giving insight into today’s British Columbia real estate market.” The reason this show is so relevant right now is the result of a Chinese government restriction on the purchase of homes, capping the number of properties investors are allowed to acquire at home and so increasing the appeal of foreign investment in an already thriving market.

NASX TV “will help investors in Asia make educated choices.” This half-hour, 13-part lifestyle series focuses on providing investment information and advice to Asian investors to offer a local perspective on today’s North American financial market. Scheduled to air in both Asia and Canada, both shows are highly informative, incorporating relatable, reality-based scenarios.

Chu’s eyes light up when we bring up The Mat. “Blackbelt Magazine meets Entertainment Tonight!” he exclaims. A 13-part series covering all styles of martial arts, the show focuses on their origin and influences and is formatted to inform and entertain. Along with his extensive resume of film and television credits, Andy is the creator and producer of the Stripped Concert Series, Fashion Rocks and the FMA Gala Concert, as well as FMA Fashion Week.

Andy Chu’s dedication to his community is demonstrated through his positions as director of the Medallion Housing Society, co-founder of the Buried Heart Society, director of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and director of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, as well as member of Variety-The Children’s Charity. He shows his appreciation for other artists doing the same through the FMA Awards. “The FMA Awards are designed to not only recognize the artists, designers and musicians who devote so much to their talent, but to also give back to our community,” explains Chu.

Andy Chu has a fashion sense as dynamic as his personality. “Style is not going by other people’s rules,” he tells us, “it is a reflection of your attitude, personality…of knowing who you are.” He then chuckles— and I know a more honest version of his definition is about to follow. “I just do my own thing. I really never pay attention to what other people think!” Vv


January/February 2012 VANCOUVER VIEW P. 29